9 May
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Beginning and Ending

begin-and-endHere’s a very interesting practice I’ve decided to try…which I heard Norm Fischer suggest on a talk I listened to on Dharma Seed. The practice is a variation on one of the trainings he outlines in his book, Training in Compassion: Zen Teaching on the Practice of Lojongand it’s a way to work with the slogan: “Begin at the Beginning; End at the End.”

Here’s the practice:

Train yourself, so that at the beginning of the day, as soon as your feet first strike the floor as you get out of bed, stop for a moment, take one breath….and remind yourself of your deepest intention…whatever it may appear to be, in that moment. Say to yourself, “What do I want to do with this day of my life.” 

And then go forth.

At the end of the day, just as you’re getting into bed, while your feet are still on the floor, stop for a moment, and say one word to yourself: “Grateful.” Just see what comes into your mind.

And then be open to it.


You can listen to Norm’s full talk here, or go to the last 3 minutes to hear him talk about these instructions.


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