5 Jan
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One Millimeter

There is something that Ajahn Sucitto said in one of his talks — the one called Waves and Fields: No Self — that keeps coming back to me, calling to me, whispering to me….like a little bell ringing…or maybe it’s more like a flash of light I can just barely glimpse out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t that he said it like it was anything big. It was just sort of an aside, towards the end of the talk, in the midst of a larger point he was making about the self and practice in relationship. But it grabbed me. And it hasn’t let go.

He said:

It doesn’t matter who you are — who you sense yourself as being. Who you sense yourself as being is like — one movement  — away from freedom. The ice is one millimeter thick. You could skate across that forever. Or, you could just pause…and drop through.


I heard that and something inside me stopped, sat up and took notice. Listen for yourself. Click here. (It’s at about the 40 minute mark of the talk.)

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