1 Aug
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Listen to the….

1881574475_8c50d0ee28_zDeep Summer
by Mary Oliver

The mockingbird
opens his throat
among the thorns
for his own reasons

but doesn’t mind
if we pause
to listen
and learn something

for ourselves;
he doesn’t stop,
he nods
his gray head

with the frightfully bright eyes,
he flirts
his supple tail,
he says:

listen, if you would listen.
There’s no end
to good talk,
to passion songs,

to the melodies
that say
this branch,
this tree is mine,

to the wholesome
of being alive
on a patch

of this green earth
in the deep
pleasures of summer.
What a bird!

Your clocks, he says plainly,
which are always ticking,
do not have to be listened to.
The spirit of his every word. 

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